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Doc Rat is available on eBooks, now up to Volume 18

Doc Rat is available on eBooks, now up to Volume 18 published on

Now, even more collections of Doc Rat strips are available for your reading enjoyment, on your phone, tablet, other smart device with a Kindle app, or on a Kindle reader. (Even a black-and-white one – they are black-and-white strips.) Go on-line to Amazon and search for Doc Rat eBooks

The covers of the first 18 Doc Rat eBooks
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eBooks are now here!

eBooks are now here! published on

… on Kindle and Kobo.

And now, normal Doc Rat service will be resumed.

Yes, you can now buy the first four Doc Rat collections to read on your electronic device.  Follow the links to your preferred site, purchase, download and enjoy.

The Coffee Song (Doc Rat theme) by Trevor Hilton

Get ready for Doc Rat eBooks!

Get ready for Doc Rat eBooks! published on

Hi. Jenner speaking. At long last I’m allowed let out a very exciting secret: Doc Rat is about to become available as eBooks!

It will start as Volumes 1, 2 and 3. More will follow after that, until you’ll have the chance to build up an entire library – 24 volumes and counting. To begin with, they’ll be out on Amazon and Kobo, which you can read on a Kobo reader, Kindle, iPad, phone or computer. iBook versions will follow soon after that. 

Stay tuned for more details.  See the cover illustrations below. When these links become active, they’ll take you to the Doc Rat shop, where you’ll find portals to the major sites of your choice. 

There will still be print versions of the books. Currently, those are not available on mail-order until I can fix a glitch in the mailing cost function. But anyway, here is a taste of what’s to come:

This is the cover of eBook Volume 1. Coming soon!

Volume 1. Strips DR-0001 to DR-0132

This is where it all begins. We’re introduced to the family doctor Ben Rat and his practice staff: the gentle, caring nurse Mary Scamper and the emotionally labile receptionist Gizelle Thomson. Jarrad the scared little numbat boy has to have his injections. Phil Krubnuckle the local pharmacist helps Ben when he falls sick with a cold. Wilbur Fuzz plays the role of perpetual joker. Rufus, the Animapharm rep presents his wares with the new wonder drug Zappo. And as a finale, there are the increasingly bizarre Twelve Days of Christmas.

This is the cover of eBook Volume 2. Coming soon!

Volume 2, Strips DR-0133 to DR-0260.

The second book in the series, with a further miscellany of the strange things that can happen in a family doctor’s practice. Receptionist Gizelle experiments with New Age music in the waiting room. A pig has hair removal treatment from a giant spider. There’s a song and dance number. And we meet the Jasmine and Flopsy, the unlikely married couple, in a short story that culminates in a mad dash to hospital.

This is the cover of eBook Volume 3. Coming soon!

Volume 3. Strips DR-0261 to DR-0392.

More antics from the crew working hard to run a family medical practice. Ben treats coughs and colds in the rainy season. A clever use of fleas to cure an alcoholic dog. Jasmine the rabbit keeps her baby bunnies safe. The latest Harry Potter book release craze. The doc starts a daily exercise routine but fails to steer clear of video game addiction. And there are helpful examples of how to decipher Australian language.