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Jenner has been an Australian newspaper and magazine cartoonist for over twenty years, drawing professionally and non-professionally in both the Australian and US scene in the small amount of time outside his duties as a full-time doctor. He is currently working in a city general practice, and has adopted the anonymous pen name Jenner as an ethical courtesy. Although a daily strip on the Internet is four years old, his Doc Rat character has been appearing in medical and non-medical magazines for over a decade, including Bush Alert, vicdoc and the Medical Journal of Australia. Jenner currently editorial cartoonist for Australian Doctor Weekly.
Sep/Oct 19

Sep/Oct 2019 Caption Competition

Sep/Oct 2019 Caption Competition published on

The winning entry is by Joshua Morris


“See?  I’m a real doctor.  I got a name tag and this funny looking thing around my neck.”


– Timmie, Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA

“I invent exotic names for simple diseases because the insurance does not pay $ 500 for a simple cold.”

– Daniel,  Basel, Switzerland


“Of course I’m a peacock – who else would they send to sort out your prostate problem?”

– Valérie Falconer, Born in Lille, France


– Ed Rush, Atascadero, California, USA

“I’m a peacock. My father was the queuecock; he invented doctors’ waiting rooms.”


“Why yes, I was considered “wild” in my youth. Why do you ask?”

[Think about it, people… Jenner]

– Max Goof, Dublin, Ohio, USA


“Professional ethics – I never raise my tail when I’m on duty.”

– Jenner

Jul/Aug 19

Jul/Aug 2019 Caption Competition

Jul/Aug 2019 Caption Competition published on

The winning entry is by Nathan House, of Kingston, Tasmania, Australia.


“Are you sure a horse can get swine flu?”
– Jean Hoehn, Appleton Wisconsin, USA

“It’s O.K.  It’s a hippocampic syringe.”
– Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

“Your new arms are nicely formed – Let’s see whether this next shot can give you legs too!”
– Tim Baverstock, Luton, UK

“Block with the right, jab with the left.”
– Darren Perlongo, Alstead, New Hampshire, USA

“Ready for some extra horse power!”
– KSClaw, Denmark

“Glad it’s not a horse needle.”
– M Henry, Reidsville, North Carolina, USA

“HERD immunity? Now, that I LIKE!”
– Jenner


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