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Nov/Dec 2018

Nov/Dec 2018 Caption Competition

Nov/Dec 2018 Caption Competition published on

The winning entry is Gregory, Olympia, Washington, USA

“Call me a ‘fly on the wall’, did you?”
– McKay Manners, Paderborn, Germany

“I’ve been trying to contact web support for TWO HOURS now!”
– Stephanie, Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

 “I’m not on the phone, I’m ON your phone.”
– Henry Gutman, San Jose, California, USA

 “Will you keep it down?!  You’re gonna wake the 200 eggs I laid in the ear….  Oh, too late.”
– Brian Eirik Coe, Lake Stevens, Washington, USA

“Who do you think connects you to the World Wide Web?”
– Lynne Lumsden Green, Springfield, Queensland, Austalia

“I said:  I’m right HERE!”
– Rob Wood, Louisville Kentucky, USA

“Ladder? No, I said I’ve got a very weak…”
– Jenner