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Gnu Caption Competition Mar/Apr 2019

Gnu Caption Competition Mar/Apr 2019 published on

Okay, that’s a bad pun, but start as we mean to go on. The even-toed ungulate in this picture is a blue wildebeest or brindled gnu. You can use that play on words as a jumping-off point, or take it in another direction entirely. But if there’s a funny caption that can round this off into a screamingly funny joke, then that’s where your job comes in!

Caption competition 081

Use your imagination and come up with something funny to complete the cartoon. The competition winners have usually been those whose caption adds more to the joke than just a recap of the picture. Pertinent, off-the-wall or sometimes just surreal in a perfectly-focused way. So go ahead – try your luck. You could be the next person to find some free, original Doc Rat artwork winging its way to your home. 
Click on the picture to be taken to the competition page. Then send me the funniest caption you can think of, and if yours makes me laugh the most, you’ll win the actual picture itself. Get to it.

Convention update.

I (Jenner) will at FurDU in Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland, Australia from May 31 to June 2. I’ll be there to meet Doc Rat fans and sell books, including the as-yet-unreleased volume 21.

And we have a winner for the Jan/Feb 2019 contest.

Jan/Feb 2019
Tim Baverstock caption competition winner CC-80

Out of a difficult and witty field of contributions, I have picked the caption sent to me by Tim Baverstock, of Luton UK. The mental picture it evoked in my mind’s eye was amazing! I don’t need to draw it – just close your eyes and imagine!
Click on the picture to see more entries from our readers.