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Jan/Feb 2019

Jan/Feb 2019 Caption Competition

Jan/Feb 2019 Caption Competition published on

The winning entry is Tim Baverstock, Luton, UK


“Hi Doc, I’m ready for my eye exam.”
 – Henry Gutman, San Jose, California, USA
“Really? … Then I wonder how Sarah is getting along making tea in a bowler.”
 – Joe Kesselman, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA
“I’m with the koala-tea department”
 – Helen, Trenton, New Jersey, USA 
“My name is Mercy, and I think I strained something….”
 – Joe Kesselman,
“First one to say pothead gets hurt!
 – Josh H. Knight, Midland, Texas, USA
“I did the “I’m a little teapot” song one too many times as my wife was making tea.”
 – Phil McCarty, Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, USA
“When I asked for one lump, I didn’t mean on my head”
 – Rob Falconer, Llandough, UK
“Fine. I’ll make a new pot myself.”
 – Josh H. Knight, Midland, Texas, USA
“I can feel a migraine brewing…”
 – Tristan Black Wolf, Greenbank, Queensland, Australia
“Hey, it’s the only way I manage to get my ear drops in.”
 – Simcha-Yitzchak Lerner, Oak Park, Michigan, USA
“Of course I’ve got a teapot on my head… it goes with the bags under my eyes!”
 – Sylvia Stevens, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
“I have my life…. Like others”
 – Veena, Karnataka, India
“See? You didn’t notice my limp. This thing works.”
 – Jenner