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May/Jun 19

May/Jun 2019 Caption Competition

May/Jun 2019 Caption Competition published on

The winning entry is Daniel J. Drazen, Berien Springs, Michigan, USA


“Yes, now that I have your attention, if you’ll just move your gaze a little to the left…”
– Reid Giles, Alabama, USA
“As you can see, neither of these is humerus.”
– Jeremy Ryan, Malden, MA, USA
“And on the right, this is what your cartilage looks like.”
– Jeffrey Angus, Ranger, Texas, USA
“The X-ray shows no fracture, but I am concerned about your taste buds.”
– Aaron Fernandez,
“On the left is an X-ray of a degrading bone.  On the right is an example of a calcium source.”– Henry Gutman, San Jose, California, USA
“The leg looks fine and my lunch is finally  hot.”
– Kevin Vanderhoef, Seattle, Washington, USA

“See? Anchovies do have bones, but they’re very, very tiny.”

– Jenner