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Caption competition updates! See below.

Caption competition updates! See below. published on

But first, Shirl Dryandra

Shirl Dryandra, the Aussie battler


Here’s a portrait of Jarrad’s long-suffering mother.

And not on a good day.

Now scroll down to see the caption competition news.


Caption competition for July/August 2019

Caption competition 083

What’s with the doctor giving the seahorse a shot in the arm? Does a seahorse even have arms? Maybe in the weird place called the Jennerverse they do. But from this, with a clever caption, I’m hoping you’ll add the missing ingredient and turn this simple picture into a very funny single panel gag cartoon. That’s all the help I’ll give you – the rest of the joke is up to you!


Click on the picture to be taken to the competition page. Then send me the funniest caption you can think of, and if yours makes me laugh the most, you’ll win the actual picture itself. Get to it.

We have a winner for March/April 2019

Mar/Apr 19
Bruce Griffin caption competition winner CC-81
The winner of the cartoon with the gnu and two birds is Bruce Griffiin, of Warrensburg, Missouri, USA
Well done, Bruce.

…and a winner for May/June 2019

And the winner of the cartoon with the doctor , the patient, the X-ray and the pizza is Daniel J. Drazen, of Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA. 
Good on ya, mate.
May/Jun 19
Daniel J. Drazen caption competition winner CC-82