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Mar/Apr 19

Mar/Apr 2019 Caption Competition

Mar/Apr 2019 Caption Competition published on

The winning entry is Bruce Griffin, Warrensburg, Missouri, USA


“I’ve got to yell to tell people you’re coming – your horns don’t work”
– Valérie Falconer, Born in Lille, France
“Ok! I know she’s here somewhere, where’s my wife”
– Ross Geissmann, Burpengary East, Queensland, Australia
“Larry! Stop messin’ wit’ th’ Gnu guy!”
– Ron, Virginia, USA
“That’s not what I meant by an ‘In depth’ report of the Gnus”
– Mike Regan, Ridgecrest, California, USA
“What kind of bed and breakfast are you running here!?”
– Andrew, Oregon, USA
“How could you get glued to a Gnu?”
– Jon Wilson, Granite Bay, California, USA
Beat it, this is a new highway! A NEW HIGHWAY!”
– Jenner