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Jul/Sep 2017

Jul/Sep 2017 Caption Competition

Jul/Sep 2017 Caption Competition published on
The winning entry is Henry Gutman, San Jose, California, USA
“Try our deep-fried lardburgers. You’ll never go back to anything else… (Of course, you won’t be able to go forward either, but still…)” 
– Jed Martinez, Margate, Florida, USA
If you super size your order, you’ll get a free prescription for Lipitor or Crestor!
– Josh Harrington Knight
“Better the devil you know from the Devil you know.”
– Mark Powell, Tacoma, Washington, USA
“Hasty Taste: Good To The Last Glop!”
– Mitch Marmel
“Now with 20% less people.”
– Jeffrey Angus, Ranger, Texas, USA
“…and best of all, it’s no one you know.”
– Tristan MacAvery, Syracuse, New York, USA
“We had to have 1,000 caps reprinted after someone put an N instead of the H.”
– Valerie Falconer, Penarth , Wales
“Don’t you just love the little burger?”
– Jenner