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Oct/Dec 2017

Oct/Dec 2017 Caption Competition

Oct/Dec 2017 Caption Competition published on
The winning entry is Roger Chittock, Stoke-on-Trent, England, UK
“Someone on the Internet is WRONG!  I MUST correct them!”
– Niall Shapero, Los Angeles, California, USA
“Oh cluck, my computer’s hard boiled!”
– Gildedtongue, Conway, New Hampshire, USA
“FUBAR – Fowled Up Beyond All Recognition.”
– Jim Hayden
“The worst part of turning the Doc’s chicken scratch into computer files, is that I can only do hunt-and-peck.”
– Abel DuSable, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
“No wonder it’s Twitter. Those aren’t tweets; they’re twits!”
– Josh H. Knight
“What? The best cure for a cold is chicken soup?!”
– Christian Hennecke, Bochum, Germany
“Weird… I googled “hot chicks” but not one picture of an incubator has come up!”
– Lee Toop, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
 “Maybe I shouldn’t have entered ‘Chicks’ into my search engine”
– Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales, UK
“Now THAT looks finger lickin’ good!”
– Wolfgang Bylsma, Perth, WA, Australia
 “OMG!!!  So THAT’S where eggs come from!”
– Jim Lane, Holly Springs, Mississippi, USA
 “So THAT’S what came first..?  MUM lied to me!!!”
– Alun Rundle, Newport, Wales
“Oh My, I’ve never seen such fowl language!”
– Craig Westlake, Ossian, Ohio, USA
“These aren’t hen ties!!”
– PunkTiger New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
 “That’s not CORN!”
– Robin Barr, Port Richey, Florida, USA
– William Knudson, Bismarck, North Dakota, USA
 “Oh no! I just deleted the entire internet!! Mum’s going to be so mad at me…”
– Mick Dwyer, Tumbarumba, NSW, Australia (NSW is New South Wales, not…)
 “It’s…The full moulty!”
– Jenner