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A short break into colour

A short break into colour published on

Over the past year, I’ve talked to you about my major, ongoing endeavour to bring out the Doc Rat books as eBooks. But sadly, my progress on this has been far too slow. And there’s been a simple reason for that – lack of time. In fact, I’ve discovered it’s simply impossible to me to work both on bringing the eBooks into reality and to keep supplying you with new daily strips.

So, how about a win-win solution? I’ve got one, and I think you’ll like it. I am going to take a spell from writing and drawing the daily comic strips for maybe just over a month.

And you will be treated to a replay of some of my earlier strips… but they’ll be in COLOUR!

Yes, that’s right – you’re about to get Doc Rat in something more exciting than the traditional black-and-white. You see, for a long time I’ve been colouring the occasional comic strip here and there, for various markets. Maybe for a professional magazine, or for a convention program book, or a promotion, for sale as prints, or even just for the heck of it.

Well, now you’re all going to have a chance to see what Doc Rat could look like in full colour. Yeah!

But enjoy it while it lasts, because there is no way I could colour every single new strip as I go. Not that and be a full-time doctor, too,

So, I’ll see you all on the other side. And maybe I’ll have some neat surprises for you, you fun-loving rat fans! Bye!

This is what my strips look like in rough layout form.
Draft layout of Doc Rat strips in progress, June 2021