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Fifteen years of Doc Rat

Fifteen years of Doc Rat published on

Doc Rat made its first webcomic appearance on 26th June 2006, and in 2021 it will celebrate its fifteenth birthday. In that time, the good doctor has had to deal with swine flu, computerisation, Medicare, violence, tragedy, parenthood, bushfire and now COVID-19. And all he’s asked to do is to cure the sick and bring about world peace. Fifteen years and thirty-seven hundred strips. A big thanks to my readers and supporters over this epic journey.

What about the eBooks?

They are still on the way. This is all a technical learning curve for me, and it’s quite a challenge. Keep the faith, people, they will happen.

What other Doc Rat news is there?

For those of you in Australia, I had a table at FurDU, on the Gold Coast, Queensland, from 7th to 9th May 2021.

I was reminded, by seeing it on sale at a neighbouring table, that it’s still possible to buy the short story collection What Happens Next, edited by the late Fred Patten and published by Furplanet. It contains my short story Pickup at Hanging Drop, in which Doc Rat, Phil Krubnuckle and the young Simon Jaegermond (later to be given his adult name Quarrydog Schlag) go fishing. There’s life/death drama and jazz music in equal measures. It’s an important hidden chapter in the Doc Rat saga. Click the link to find out how to buy a copy.