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Restitution blues

Restitution blues published on

Here, dear readers, is the update on the Doc Rat (Platinum Rat Productions) studio. Having moved office from one building across town to another building, followed by another move across corridor from one room to another, I’ve finally got the furniture shifted, boxes re-opened, wires and plugs connected, and am now making a major marathon effort to build up a four-week bank of Doc Rat for your enjoyment. I thank you for chilling out with the past four weeks of character sketches.

But here’s the fascinating part: Have you ever wondered just how far back in time Doc Rat goes? Well, I dipped into my vault of early work and made compilations of the single panel gags. They haven’t seen the light of day since their original magazine publications as early as 1995. But you may spot many of the jokes as ones that later reappeared in the Doc Rat strips we know today.

On August 20, I will be departing for a month’s holiday in Britain and Germany. That explains another reason for the pressure: I’m  hurriedly making my preparations for EuroFurence 24, in Berlin.

Please enjoy the upcoming procession of gags detailing Doc Rat’s humble origins. And after that, it will be definitely back into new works from the canon.

August/October 2018

Caption competition 078


On the bright side, I have managed to create a new caption competition. Click here to have a go! 

And… the winners of the three pictures from the past year have now being selected!
Click on each picture to reveal the winners and all the funniest suggestions. 

Jul/Sep 2017
Henry Gutman caption competition winner CC-75
Oct/Dec 2017
Roger Chittock caption competition winner CC-76
Jan/Jul 2018
Joe Kesselman caption competition winner CC-77