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Jul/Aug 2016 Doc Rat caption competition winner

Jul/Aug 2016 Caption Competition

Jul/Aug 2016 Caption Competition published on
The winning entry is Dermot McAreavy
“For the umpteenth time! Stop howling before you attack”.
“Er, right.”
– Christian Hennecke, Bochum, Germany
“That one was ‘Wipe On, Wipe Off’!”
– Josh H. Knight, Midland, Texas
“It wouldn’t be a fair fight, if I can’t tell the difference between a ‘black belt’, a ‘brown belt’ or a ‘red belt’… We wolves are ‘color blind’!”
– Jed Martinez, Margate, Florida, USA
“… I call it the peacekeeper overthrow.”
– J. Bern, Germany
 “I told you not to attack the Fourth wall, Quarrydog!”
– Alun Rundle, Newport, South Wales, UK
“Who’s the underdog now?”
– Jenner