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Aug/Oct 2018

Aug/Oct 2018 Caption Competition

Aug/Oct 2018 Caption Competition published on
The winning entry is Jonathan, Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia
“Keep it off the ground for HOW LONG?!”
 – Dave Neil, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA
“Breaking news – Bigfoot hoaxer traced to Australia”
 – Valerie Falconer, Penarth, Wales
“I just flew in from next door, and boy are my wings tired.”
 – Henry Gutman, San Jose, California, USA
“I can’t wait for the Cast Party!“
 – John the Wysard, Parma, Idaho, USA
“You could’ve been more detailed about explaining “might experience water retention”!”
 – Josh Harrington Knight, Midland, Texas, USA
“There MUST be some other treatment for carpal talon!?”
 – Bruce Denhard, New Hampshire, USA
“Why didn’t I opt in for the flight insurance?!”
 – Jamie White, Long Crendon, Bucks, UK
“I’m glad they didn’t find my broken wishbone”
 – Jenner