We have a winning entry for the Caption Competition

The winner for the Sep/Oct 2016 caption competition is Rob Falconer.

Sep/Oct 2016 Doc Rat caption competition winner

Rob Falconer caption winner

Rob Falconer has been a regular contributor to the Caption Competition. All his persistence has finally paid off, as he has now joined to list of prize winners for having come up with the funniest caption. See this entry and the others by clicking the link HERE





The competition for Nov/Dec is now open.

Go to the competition site and start thinking of the caption you think will best make Jenner laugh out loud. Who knows? You may win, and if you do, you will become the proud owner of the original artwork.
Doc Rat Caption Competition November-December 2016

Doc Rat Caption Competition November-December 2016

Some people have noted they have had trouble submitting their caption through the form. This seems to happen with some platforms or devices. Don’t be discouraged, just send it to me through the CONTACT page or e-mail me directly on jenner email address
The featured animal is a quoll, a marsupial carnivore about the size of a cat.


Jenner interviewed about Doc Rat

Jenner was recently interviewed by Curtis Hoffman on the Basket Case site. You may read it HERE.
Follow this link to the Basket Case interview with Jenner

Doc Rat: Just what the doctor ordered.