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Nov/Dec 2016 Doc Rat caption competition winner

Nov/Dec 2016 Caption Competition

Nov/Dec 2016 Caption Competition published on

The winning entry is Yvonne “Catbunny” Pawtowski, of Lynwood, Washingoton, USA


“I admit that I wouldn’t /need/ that to raise my DIY nebulizer to my mouth if I hadn’t made it out of a cast iron bathtub faucet …”
 – J Bern
 “Inhale one to start squeaking, inhale the other to stop squeaking!”
 – Joseph Kesselman
 “It’s an inhaler for them that’s got no arms!”
 – Alun Rundle, Newport, South Wales, UK
 “Next month, we’re starting Drone delivery”
 – Bruce Denhard, New Hampshire, USA
“You should see the medicine cabinet!”
 – Josh H Knight, Midland, Texas, USA
“I can’t catch my breath; how do I catch my inhaler?”
 – John Whiting
“It’s exactly what it looks like: Airborne pollen protection.”
 – Jenner