M.B.,B.S. D.R.A.N.Z.C.O.G. F.R.A.C.G.P.
Brown Rat
Ben is a thirty-something, Australian general practitioner, battling the odds to run a solo practice in the suburb of Templeton, in the city of Fornor, state of Flora. After setting up shop ten years ago, prepared to do what it took to succeed against the long hours, on-call work, endless red tape and local competition from the nearby medical centre, he continues to fight to stay afloat. An experiment with a very entrepreneurial practice manager, Charmaine Prideaux, didn’t solve the problem – she was a hungry lioness, and even now she’d gone, Ben’s accountant is still finding the leftover bones.

For the moment, though, Ben remains good-natured and conscientious, carrying out a professional job to the best of his ability. He tries to make people better. He also gives money to street buskers and is kind to pets.

After a fraught and adventurous romance, he married Daniella Hood, his tae kwon do instructor and dentist. There were plenty more fraught and adventurous bits after that. The two rats are now just settling down into married life and impending parenthood together. (Note to self: he has an ex-wife and daughter somewhere in America.)