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Caption competition winner! March-April 2016

Caption competition winner! March-April 2016 published on
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Daniella takes a tae kwon do class
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The winning entry is from Lucius Appaloosius, of Mystic, Connecticut, USA

Lucius Appaloosius caption winner for Doc Rat Mar-Apr 2016
Lucius Appaloosius caption winner for Doc Rat Mar-Apr 2016
Special mentions:
“But Dad, this is the third one that broke! Can’t we just get the Kevlar one, like Mum said?”
– Eleanor, Ballan, Victoria, Australia
 “Please fix my horse Doc.  We were just swimming alone when he ran out of steam!”
– Rebecca Swanston, Vancouver, Washington, USA
 “I thought this was supposed to be puncture proof.”
– J Rhine, USA
“Now I see why Sonic doesn’t like going near water!”
– Phil McCarty, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
“I was hoping to get a ‘swimming buddy’, but no one wants to come near me… I don’t know why!”
– Jed G. Martinez, Margate, Florida, USA
“So it’s not soft water, then?”
– Jenner
Caption competition 068 for Doc Rat
Caption competition May-Jun 2016 for Doc Rat

The May-June 2016 competition is now open.

Please submit your entries in through the Contact  form. (Not the Competitions form – we’re having a little bit of a problem with that.)
Think of the funniest caption you can, and you may win the original picture as a prize.
And remember: 
Doc Rat is now on Twitter @DocRatComic