March/April 2013 Competition

The winner: Jeanne Skadowski, Olean, New York, USA

Special Mentions:

“I’ve got to improve my speed… Rumor has it that that the tortoise is going ‘turbo’!”
– Jed G. Martinez, Margate, Florida, USA

“This year I’m going to beat that turtle.”
– John Fischer, Cameron North Carolina, USA

“My iPhone charger, why?”
– Colin, Metairie, Louisiana, USA

“Laugh all you want, this thing charges my cell phone in five minutes!”
– Flynn Leek, Davis, California, USA

“Believe it or not, this’s cheaper than most running shoes!”
– Josh H. Knight, Midland, Texas

“Yeah Doc, you’re right, I am a big fan.”
– Curtis Hoffmann, Kagoshima, Japan

“This does NOT make me an airhead.”
– Jeremy Ryan, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

“I don’t think this is what they mean when they say ‘hop a flight’..”
– Erich Eichner, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

“That rabbit-proof fence won’t stand a chance!”
– Josh H. Knight, Midland, Texas

“It´s a hare dryer.”
– Jim Smart, Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

“Fly away Hare.”
– Michael Brown, London, Ontario Canada

“So, which way to O’Hare airport?”
– Atkelar, Austria

“Never ask a hard of hearing doctor for an “exercise induced asthma treatment with a propellant.”
– Glenn Payne, Coogee, Western Australia, Australia

“I’m following a meerkat on a unicycle!”
– Jenner

January/February 2013 Competition

The winner: Patrick Mullins, Harbor City, USA


“Just great … They’ve got tricycles!”
– Josh H. Knight, Midland. Texas, USA

“Take my advice, and never use a unicycle when you’re plastered.”
– Rob Falconer, Llandough, UK

“The Wife’s on her cycle, so I’d better get on MY cycle!”
– Kit Mayer, League City, Texas, USA

“I’m one of the few ‘survivors’ to make it to the next round on ‘African Idol’!”
– Jed G. Martinez, Margate, Florida, USA

(thought cloud) “I never realised that just being a meerkat could be so complicated.”
– Melkior, Victoria, Australia

“I quit. Find a new partner for you unicycle knife juggling act.”
– Chuck Scholz, Evansville, Indiana, USA

“Those clowns. Got to pedal faster. That little car is catching up again…”
– Timmie, North Carolina, USA
“Phew! That’s ANOTHER wall I just missed!”
– Jenner