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Mar/Apr 2014 Caption Competition

Mar/Apr 2014 Caption Competition published on

The winner: Alexandra Weingartner, Monterey, USA


“OK, I may look like something out of Star Wars, but please stop calling me Jabber.”
– Valerie Falconer, Penarth, Wales

“I find inoculations ribbiting, don’t you, Doc?”
– Robert Adrian, Conway, New Hampshire, USA

“Let’s inject some humor back into Doc Rat.”
– M Henry, : Franklin, Tennessee, USA
[I get the point. Jenner]

“And ‘I’ thought I could jump!!!”
– Jimmy Lapine, Tampa, Florida, USA

“Look doc…just between you and me, this is a tad too big.”
– Daniel Thwaites, Firth Park, UK

“…But if you DON’T take this injection, we’ll BOTH croak—“
– Jim Lane, St Augustine, Florida, USA

“I’m here to kiss it and make it all better. Now bend over…”
– Timmie, North Carolina, USA

“Well, Doc, I dunno about you, but I can dodge this all day.”
– Dan Ball Jr., Springfield, Oregon, USA

“Needle lift? Hop on.”
– Alyse Miller, Orlando, Florida, USA

“We really shouldn’t needle him like this…”
Sandy, Nashville. Tennessee, USA

“Sorry, Doc, I get jumpy around needles.”
– Sam Schmern, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

“I don’t know, I hear the side effects include unwanted hair growth.”
– Sleepy John, Concord, California, USA

“He doesn’t need a shot for a frog in his throat. Just send down a lifeline.”
– Josh Morris, East Alton, Illinois, USA

“Just ignore me. I’m the medical student.”
– Jenner

Nov/Dec 2013 Caption Competition

Nov/Dec 2013 Caption Competition published on

The winner: Jeremy Ryan, Somerville, USA


“Happy Birthday Miss. Beaver!”
– Gerald Johnston, Alvin, Texas, USA

“I’m so Sorry Mrs. Pachyderm, I didn’t realize you’re allergic to fruit cake.”
– Larry Edgett, Torrance, California, USA

– Glenn Payne, Coogee, Western Australia, Australia

“It’s just what you asked for: an ex-box.”
– Jenner


Sept/Oct 2013 Caption Competition

Sept/Oct 2013 Caption Competition published on

The winner: Abel DuSable, Winnipeg, Canada


“What does he mean, no light snacks between meals?”
– Curtis Hoffmann, Kagoshima, Japan

“Doc, about this light diet you put me on…”
– Phil McCarty, Brownsboro, Alabama, USA

“I’m eating them because Mum said she wished she had a brighter child”
– Paul Sanders, Heathmont, Victoria, Australia

“This isn’t how I brighten my smile?”
– Lynn Kurtz, Castaic Lake, California, USA

“Watts the big deal?”
– Dave Caspari, Ventura, California USA

“I thought they were the bulbs you can EAT!”
– Chris Smith

“Tonight the shocking conclusion”
– CBFox

“munch munch Mewwy Chwithmath!!! Munch”
– Astrid Jekat, Munich, Germany

“I REALLY wish I’d left the tree end ‘til last!”
– Jenner

January/February 2013 Competition

January/February 2013 Competition published on

The winner: Patrick Mullins, Harbor City, USA


“Just great … They’ve got tricycles!”
– Josh H. Knight, Midland. Texas, USA

“Take my advice, and never use a unicycle when you’re plastered.”
– Rob Falconer, Llandough, UK

“The Wife’s on her cycle, so I’d better get on MY cycle!”
– Kit Mayer, League City, Texas, USA

“I’m one of the few ‘survivors’ to make it to the next round on ‘African Idol’!”
– Jed G. Martinez, Margate, Florida, USA

(thought cloud) “I never realised that just being a meerkat could be so complicated.”
– Melkior, Victoria, Australia

“I quit. Find a new partner for you unicycle knife juggling act.”
– Chuck Scholz, Evansville, Indiana, USA

“Those clowns. Got to pedal faster. That little car is catching up again…”
– Timmie, North Carolina, USA
“Phew! That’s ANOTHER wall I just missed!”
– Jenner

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