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The caption competition for November-December 2016 is now up

The featured creature in the current picture is a spotted Quoll, a cat-sized Australian marsupial carnivore. Doc Rat Caption Competition November-December 2016Have fun coming up with a caption that will make me laugh out loud, and you could win the drawing itself. Just click the link

I’m aware that some people have tried unsuccessfully to enter previous competitions, only to find the mailing does not work on their particular device or browser. if you’re having problems, then contact me through the Contact page, or e-mail me on jenner email address
We have a new Caption Competition winner: Rob Falconer! 
Sep/Oct 2016 Doc Rat caption competition winner
Rob Falconer caption winner

Here’s the latest winning entry from the September-October 2016 competition. Good on you, Rob. You’ve been sending entries for years, so congratulations at long last!






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