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Doc Rat Vol. 1: I’m Real Crook, Doc

The collected Doc Rat webcomic strips from June 2006 to December 2006. (DR-0001 – DR-0132)

This is where it all begins. We’re introduced to the family doctor Ben Rat and his practice staff: the gentle, caring nurse Mary Scamper and the emotionally labile receptionist Gizelle Thomson. Jarrad the scared little numbat boy has to have his injections. Phil Krubnuckle the local pharmacist helps Ben when he falls sick with a cold. Wilbur Fuzz plays the role of perpetual joker. Rufus the Animapharm rep presents his wares with the new wonder drug Zappo. And as a finale, there are the increasingly bizarre Twelve Days of Christmas.

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #1

Doc Rat is one of the most delightful comic strips on the web, featuring an engaging cast of characters in a friendly physicians office.  The unique challenge these health care professionals face in this all-animal universe, of course, is the responsibility of dealing with hundreds of different kinds of patients. Human doctors have it so much easier working with just a single species!  The laughter is universally covered, and comes in regular doses.

Bill Holbrook(Kevin and Kell, On The Fastrack, Safe Havens)  

Jenner’s Doc Rat is a combination of clever humour and unique, professional artwork. I’ve found myself spontaneously guffawing over dozens of Doc Rat strips every week.

Jason Chatfield (cartoonist – Ginger Meggs )  

The sort of comedy that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

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