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Doc Rat Collection #8

Doc Rat Collection #8 published on


Paperback book. 76 pages.



Yeah Not Too Great, Doc 

The collected Doc Rat webcomic strips from February 2010 to August 2010. (DR-0951 – DR-1088)

Contains a long story. Ben and Daniella are engaged, soon to be married. Julian the camel is recovering from his wounds. Just as Julian has inspired Ben to seize the moment against all odds and follow his dream, Ben passes on this advice to Flopsy, who accordingly dares to accompany his wife Jasmine to the secret bunny festival. The wolf is truly thrown amongst the rabbits! Ben and Daniella’s country honeymoon turns out to be right next door, which means there’s a doctor and a dentist on hand for when disaster strikes. And lots of funny things happen, too. 

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #8

Doc Rat is one of the most truly human strips about talking animals ever created. A remarkable balance of humor and drama that stays unrelentingly true to its own anthropomorphic groundrules even when those rules lead it down the darkest alleyways imaginable. A strip to be savored.
Aaron Neathery (Endtown)
“Once again, Jenner has proven he can consistently produce new adventures for his very likeable characters.”
Jason Chatfield (Ginger Meggs)
“Awesome… Amazing… Doc Rat is truly one of a kind!”
ActFur On Air 

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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 210 × 5 × 148 mm

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