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Doc Rat Collection #7

Doc Rat Collection #7 published on


Paperback book. 76 pages.



It Gets Even Better, Doc

The collected Doc Rat webcomic strips from August 2009 to February 2010. (DR-0821 – DR-0950)

Contains a long story. Amid the miscellaneous chaos of the family practice, the extroverted young numbat boy Jarrad befriends the kindly camel Julian Sands. Meanwhile, the doctor’s budding romance is anything but smooth. Ben’s hiding a guilty secret and Daniella can’t tell if he’s committed. The rising pressures of a medical emergency, a crime and clash of personalities push Ben to breaking point. But the comforting support of a friend and the chance to be a detective for justice bring him back down to the right direction. And after facing deadly danger together, Ben and Daniella finally realise they’ve bonded together as a couple.

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #7

Doc Rat is a devilishly clever little comic about a talking rat with a medical degree – and that’s just the set-up. Try it! 
Phil Foglio (Girl Genius)
If you don’t like this comic, you probably need a doctor. I recommend Doc Rat.
Matt Bissett-Johnson (“MBJ”), cartoonist and animator
“These stories will resonate with every general practitioner as our hero seeks to find a balance between his commitments as a caring competent family doctor and his personal life. The support Dr Rat shows to each of his patients and his non-judgmental approach reflect the good work that general practitioners around the world do every day in making a difference to the lives of their patients and to the wellbeing of their local communities.”
Michael Kidd, President-elect, World Organization of Family Doctors.

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