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Doc Rat Collection #5

Doc Rat Collection #5 published on


Paperback book. 88 pages.



Only If I’ve Recovered, Doc

The collected Doc Rat webcomic strips from June 2008 to February 2009. (DR-0517 – DR-0682)

The theme is computers, a field in which doctors of that time were notoriously backward. To help make his medical practice financially viable, Ben employs a manager, Charmaine Prideaux. The lioness turns out to be a ruthless predator, who converts the practice to paperless with the cheapest available computer program, then proceeds to squeeze as much income out of the medical economics as possible. Ben starts to worry about the ethical and legal path she’s dragging him down, so on advice from his girlfriend Daniella, Ben plucks up the courage to arrange a showdown with Charmaine once and for all. This serves as good practice for the even bigger showdown yet to come: with some new buck rat muscling in on Daniella’s affections.

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #5

Is Jenner ever going to run out of ideas? Not likely. Volume Five of Doc Rat is as fresh and original as the earlier volumes. And  where do all those ideas come from? As a medical doctor, he has one foot in real life, the other in a parallel world: the hilarious animal kingdom of Doc Rat. It seems a perfect combination. 
Rolf Heimann, cartoonist
Doc Rat is an engaging comic strip that manages to address a specific subject matter, the medical field, in a way that allows those outside that target audience to also understand and enjoy its humor and characters… no mean trick. The quirky characters, clever humor and wonderful art make it a real charmer.
Tom Richmond, cartoonist, MAD Magazine
As an ex general medical practitioner, I can appreciate the humour and veracity of Jenner’s cartoons. The situations they recount are all too familiar to me; Jenner’s fine drawings make me laugh now as the real thing did years ago.
 Dr Jim Leavesley AM., medical historian

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