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Doc Rat Collection #4

Doc Rat Collection #4 published on


Paperback book. 76 pages.



That’s What I’m Here For, Doc

The collected Doc Rat webcomic strips from December 2007 to June 2008. (DR-0393 – DR-0516)

Ben has more than enough worries running his struggling medical practice. He has to try to keep the embarrassing secret from his staff – that he’s taking martial arts lessons in the evenings. And when stress-related gnawing makes him break a tooth, it turns out his new rat dentist is also his tae kwon do instructor – Dr Daniella Hood. Will romance blossom? We also see little Jarrad the numbat dressing up as Captain Kerpow, meet the bossy senior rabbit Lorna and learn some facts about Chinese New Year from Dr Chippy Chang. Oh, and and there are some hints about the coming of computers. 

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #4

It’s as if Rupert Bear and his pals were exposed to some sort of mutating radioactive gas. Hilarious.
Shaun Micallef, TV Personality
Iconic! Jenner is a master of artistry and humor. The Doc Rat comics display a level of wit and warmth that rubs shoulders with artists such as Bill Keane and Charles M Schulz. Light-hearted and fun, yet at times poignant and touching – Doc Rat could be loved by both children and adults from all walks of life. An essential for any bookshelf.
2, The Ranting Gryphon Comedian, gamer, social commentator
Jenner has to be congratulated for his originality in creating a unique character ‘Doctor Rat’ with a palpable general practitioner perspective.
Professor John Murtagh, AM

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