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Doc Rat Collection #18

Doc Rat Collection #18 published on


Paperback book. 76 pages.



Ready and Waiting, Doc

The collected Doc Rat webcomic strips from April 2016 to October 2016. (DR-2501 – DR-2632)

Take your pick of the miscellaneous gags, puns and laughs. Meet Kelsey the calcium-milk chemistry cow, Donovan the trouble-seeking joey, Rufus the disaster-prone drug rep, Doc Wolf with his work-life balance, Doe Rémi with her range of exotic tea, a seeing-eye frog, and then… Ben almost misses his own surprise birthday party. 

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #18

Hard to believe Doc Rat has been around for a decade! I remember those early days when our favourite rodent GP was on his white belt both in tae kwon do and in his relationship with Daniella. There’s been a lot of healing and laughs (and healing laughs) in his surgery since then.
Tim Richards, travel writer (
A decade of Doc Rat! What a pleasure it is to have followed this saga of thoughtful and evocative story arcs as well as brilliant one-strip gags and magnificent puns and wordplayIn one arc in Book Eighteen, a local group of eight-year-olds teams up to run an “ad campaign” of posters to promote Ben Rat, the doctor who has taken good care of them for years. The result is hilarious, with each day’s poster deliciously topping the one before, and the ultimate resolution is both unobvious and satisfying. But I must warn you: If Book Eighteen is your entry point, you’ll enjoy it as a stand-alone story and you’ll be highly motivated to get the previous volumes to see the background on these delightful characters. Your impulse will be richly rewarded.
Keith Howington, social observer (“Level Head”)
Love and laugh as much as you can.
Jarrad Dryandra, numbat

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