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Doc Rat Collection #15

Doc Rat Collection #15 published on


Paperback book. 110 pages.



Prey Tell, Doc: Peace In Our Fiefdom

The collected Doc Rat webcomic strips from April 2014 to February 2015. (DR-2011 – DR-2210)

Larger book. Contains the second half of a long story. May be unsuitable for children. Contains adult concepts. 

Safely in the maternity ward and in the last days of her precious pregnancy, Daniella has no idea Ben has been cornered into a life-and-death decision that he can’t win. Will the sacrifice have to be the life of Simon/Quarrydog or his own? Or can there be a third way? A way that would involve taking on both the ferocious boss of the wolves and the scheming lord of the rabbits. Doc Rat does his best to win the unwinnable challenge. But after that, there’s an even more impossible dilemma when the babies start coming! 

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #15

With these latest Doc Rat tales, Jenner continues to demonstrate his keen sense of humour and a taste for awful (glorious!) puns. More than that, Jenner shows he is a sharp-eyed and a compassionate  scholar of human nature, balancing difficult life lessons (and even some exciting action sequences) with the laughs.
Narrelle M. Harris, author (The Opposite of Life, Walking Shadows, Showtime)
Animal puns, pop culture references, snappy artwork… if you don’t love Doc Rat then you are a monster.
John Richards, writer (Night Terrace, Outland)
There’s no elevator pitch for Doc Rat. It’s like Scrubs and All Creatures Great and Small eloped to Downton Abbey by way of The Wind in the Willows and Footrot Flats. It’s silly and deep and fun, and I can’t wait for volume 15.
Ben McKenzie, actor, comedian, game designer

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Weight 170 g
Dimensions 210 × 6 × 148 mm

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