Doc Rat Collection #7




76 pages of Doc Rat, collecting strips 0821 to 0950!

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #7

Doc Rat is a devilishly clever little comic about a talking rat with a medical degree– and that’s just the set-up. Try it! “

Phil Foglio (Girl Genius)

“If you don’t like this comic, you probably need a doctor. I recommend Doc Rat.”

Matt Bissett-Johnson (“MBJ”), cartoonist

“These stories will resonate with every general practitioner as our hero seeks to find a balance between his commitments as a caring competent family doctor and his personal life. The support Dr Rat shows to each of his patients and his non-judgmental approach reflect the good work that general practitioners around the world do every day in making a difference to the lives of their patients and to the wellbeing of their local communities.”

Michael Kidd, President-elect, World Organization of Family Doctors.

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 210 x 5 x 148 mm