Doc Rat Collection #6




76 pages of Doc Rat, collecting strips 0683 to 0820!

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #6

“Jenner’s work reminds me of something I haven’t seen in a while: A comic strip that enjoys being a comic strip.”

Michael Jantze (The Norm on, owner of Jantze Animation Studios

“Another brilliant Doc Rat book. Jenner’s drawings are beautiful , and the characters are more human than many people I know!”

Hagen, cartoonist (It’s a Jungle Out There

Doc Rat has been with me since the start of my GP training. From first meeting him as a registrar he is continuing to grow as I move through my career. Getting Doc Rat to registrars through GPRA has hopefully allowed them to appreciate General Practice from a different perspective. Thanks Jenner.”

Dr Naomi Harris, medical educator

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 210 x 5 x 148 mm