Doc Rat Collection #3




76 pages of Doc Rat, collecting strips 0261 to 0392!

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #3

Doc Rat is one of the most delightful comic strips on the web… The laughter is universally covered, and comes in regular doses.”

Phillip Adams AO (Late Night Live)

Doc Rat is one of the most engaging web comics I have ever encountered, a true delight for medical professionals and patients alike. Dr. Jenner presents us daily with endearing characters whose tales are hilarious, poignant, heartwarming, tragic, and often all at the same time. His storytelling talents are truly masterful, although his liberal use of puns has been known to lean precariously toward a violation of his Hippocratic Oath.”

Samuel Conway, Ph.D. (Uncle Kage) CEO Anthrocon Inc., USA

“It would be wise to attach a note warning people with hernias that reading these books could be hazardous.”

Emeritus Professor Max Kamien (Australian Doctor magazine).


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Weight 140 g
Dimensions 210 x 5 x 148 mm