Doc Rat Collection #13




76 pages of Doc Rat, collecting strips 1759 to 1854

Also includes an 18 page section on the rabbit language (Jennerverse Lapine) used in Doc Rat. All of the mysteries unlocked and more!

What people say about Doc Rat Collection #13

“Over years of reading Doc Rat, I have grown to regard Ben and Daniella friends. Their wit, humour and approach to life together is both refreshing and encouraging. Jenner as a story teller and artist continues to impress, and it is with great pride that I pull my Doc Rat collection out to show people what they are missing!

So in the spirit of encouragement, if you are reading this, DO NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! Open the front cover, and join the Doc Rat Family! You will only ever look back fondly as you start your collection. “

Pete J Smith, CEO, Australian Fanom Conventions 

“Jenner’s superb sense of character, tremendously understated art, and poignancy in storytelling make Doc Rat a must-read for any and all aficionados of the comic strip medium .”

Wolfgang Bylsma (Editor-in-Chief, Gestalt Comics)


Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 210 x 5 x 148 mm